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With Brevi Assistant, you can create two types of summaries, Abstractive Multi-Document and Abstractive Single Document/Text.
If you are interested in using the Multi-Document summarization tool, please register and start a free trial.Below is a demo of the Single Document/Text summarization, where you can type in or copy/paste any document less than 800 words, and our NLG model will summarize it into one abstract form.

Demo single summaries left:

Input text to summarize

Please input the text you want to summarize in the box below
Word Count: 0/800
• Inputted text must contain at least 75 words
• Inputted text must be less than 800 words
• It usually takes 10-40 seconds to create a single summary.


After pressing the "Summarize" button above, the result will be displayed in the box below.


The Brevi assistant is a novel way to summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents.


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