Free Demo

Below is a demo of the Multi-Document Summarization, where you need to select a query, wait 2-4 minutes, or input your email address to avoid waiting to get a summary of research papers' abstracts.

Demo single summaries left:

Demo Form

In order to use the Multi-Document Summary demo, please type in the "Query" field and select one of the queries from the suggested list. It takes 1 minute to create a Multi-Document Summary, in order not to wait, you can input your email address (it is optional) below, and we will send you an email with the final result.

Note: If the "Summarize" button below is grey, it means that you have not selected the query correctly. Please press the "Query" box above and click on one of the available options.
Note: If you decided to get a summary via email, please make sure to check "Promotion," "Spam" and other folders in case you could not find it.


The Brevi assistant is a novel way to summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents.


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