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Posted: 12 May 2021 19:00

Will GPT-3 be capable of placing content writers unemployed?

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GPT-3 is a more content optimizer rather than a content creator. While it can definitely produce natural text without human interaction, it's far away from creating appealing content that can match or go beyond the skill of professional content writers.

The future of web content marketing has actually been changed through the most up-to-date technological developments, especially with the generation of content with AI systems. According to the forecasts of AI specialists, this extraordinary year with the Covid-19 outbreak around the world has sped up the fostering of artificial intelligence in numerous locations and will certainly lead to the expanding use of AI-based services in numerous areas.

Producing content is an essential component in a powerful marketing technique, and standard content advertising and marketing techniques are inadequate to satisfy the assumptions of these days' competitive market anymore.

Web content marketing professionals wonder regarding what capacities GPT-3 would certainly supply and whether it can replace writers in the content creation and marketing field. As of today, about 300 applications build based on GPT-3, and it is natural to find out its capabilities.

GPT-3 Pros and Cons


  • GPT-3 will actually succeed for any writing project where you need to create a collection of reduced-worth content/material at high quantity.
  • GPT-3 can generate rough/draft content in a few secs to get an idea about the topic.
  • GPT-3 can produce exact human-like content for product descriptions, meta descriptions, product summaries, blog titles, and other short forms of content.


  • GPT-3 counts on semantic analysis, which suggests it doesn't focus specifically on the meaning of a word yet instead concentrates on the context of words around it.
  • The quality of GPT-3 long content is just unsatisfactory and can't match Human written content quality.
  • Content written by GPT-3 is often formulaic, and there's very little variety in sentence type or size.


You might use GPT-3, or any application powered by GPT-3, or other AI tools to create a rough/draft of the content to accelerate the web content development process and prepare your team and yourself for content automation, as it is just behind the corner.

But as of today, if you don't want to say GOODBYE to your brand name and quality of content, you must hand it over to a professional writer for further corrections and updates.

The problem is that black hat SEO strategists are already trying to make use of GPT-3 to their advantage.

Most significantly, standard content marketing approaches are not enough to satisfy the assumptions of today's competitive industry anymore, and you need to question just how GPT-3 and Artificial Intelligence advancements will influence the future of content marketing.


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