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Posted: 12 May 2021 17:00

NLG use cases

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NLG is a subfield of Natural Language Processing that transforms structured data into human-readable plain language text. The NLG system can automatically transform numbers in a spreadsheet right into data-driven stories or make use of associations between words to develop partially or fully machine-written content. As the innovation for natural language generation boosts, we will undoubtedly experience many applications where machines generate easy-to-consume natural stories that get on the same level or possibly also far better than human-generated content/material.

The speed and efficiency of developing narratives with NLG are advantageous for any market or use case that calls for large amounts of unique content analysis/creation, whether that's for the benefit of SEO, customer connections, or interior interaction.

NLG empowers data experts with an effective way to automate the Data-to-text and Text-to-text transformation process that takes place when they need to analyze their searchings/findings and discuss the results in clear, concise means to clients or others within an organization. For instance, one swiftly expanding use of natural language generation is composed evaluation for organization intelligence and analytics systems.

Developed NLG use cases:

  • In the instance of Gmail Smart Compose, NLG produces short-form text snippets based on what the system believes you type next.
  • NLG is significantly used in lots of chatbot innovations to partly or entirely generate natural language responses to queries.
  • NLG systems generate narratives in plain English language text from structured Tables, charts, graphs, etc., that checks out as though a human analytic created the produced text.
  • Natural language generation can likewise utilize personal e-mail as a data resource, after that rapidly and effectively produce human-sounding e-mails, conserving users' time spent format and phrasing outbound e-mail messages.
  • NLG is the technology behind message content automation, with its capability to transform data into short sentences and posts.
  • NLG can abstractly summarize single documents in a short form to get insights.


AI researchers will genuinely achieve brand-new elevations when NLG systems can produce content with the naturalness of human writers and generate outcomes in such a way that is conveniently easy to understand by people. 

It is not a surprise that the process of natural language generation is more challenging than NLP and NLU. By advancing Abstractive Multi-Document summarization techniques that are mainly based on the NLG technology, AI developers will dramatically change the whole landscape of many Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing applications use cases and possibly open up the first door to developing AGI.


If your concept of big data is that you have a researcher doing some sort of evaluation and presenting it with an organization, you should assume far too tiny.


The Brevi assistant is a novel way to summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents.


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