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Posted: 26 Aug 2021 14:00

“Multi Summarization” August 2021 — summary from Arxiv

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“Multi Summarization” August 2021 — summary from Arxiv main image

The content below is machine-generated by Brevi Technologies’ NLG model, and the source content was collected from open-source databases/integrate APIs.

We intend to restore interest in a particular multi-document summarization task which we call AgreeSum: agreement-oriented multi-document summarization. Given the lack of existing datasets, we develop a dataset for AgreeSum, and provide annotations on article-summary entailment relationships for a part of the clusters in the dataset. We aim to develop solid baselines for the job by applying the top-performing pretrained single-document summarization model PEGASUS onto AgreeSum, leveraging both annotated collections by monitored losses, and unannotated clusters by T5-based entailment-related and language-related losses. Resource code recaps are brief natural language descriptions of code bits that aid designers much better preserve and recognize source code. CoCoSUM first incorporates class names as the intra-class context to generate the course semantic embeddings. Relevant Unified Modeling Language class representations are removed as inter-class context and are encoded into the course relational embeddings using an unique Multi-Relational Graph Neural Network. We introduce MemSum, a reinforcement-learning-based extractive summarizer improved at any provided time action with info on the existing removal history. Our advancement is in considering a broader information set when summarizing that would with ease additionally be made use of by human beings in this job: 1 the text content of the sentence, 2 the worldwide message context of the rest of the document, and 3 the extraction background containing the set of sentences that have already been extracted. Manifold ranking has been successfully used in query-oriented multi-document summarization. Our approach not only makes use of the info of the inquiry term itself and the knowledge base WordNet to expand it by synonyms, yet also utilizes the information of the record set itself to increase the question in different means mean growth, variation growth and TextRank development. Compared to the previous question expansion techniques, our method integrates multiple query expansion methods to better stand for query info, and at the same time, it makes a helpful attempt on manifold ranking.

This can serve as an example of how to use Brevi Assistant and integrated APIs to analyze text content.


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