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Posted: 12 Nov 2021 04:00

“Logic Programming” October 2021 — summary from Arxiv

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“Logic Programming” October 2021 — summary from Arxiv main image

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Telecommunication networks often deal with technological developments and need to upgrade their infrastructure. We suggest the first exact method for the network migration issue, a logic-based Benders decomposition approach that benefits from a hybrid restraint programming-based column generation in its master trouble and a restriction programming model in its subproblem. This incorporated remedy method is applicable to any type of integer programming problem with similar structure, most notably the vehicle transmitting issue with node synchronization restrictions.

Several official systems, such as resolution and marginal model semiotics, supply a structure for logic programming. Scientists have been utilizing this foundation for the previous 35 years to boost logic programming from its origins in first-order timeless logic right into higher-order variations of straight and intuitionistic logic. Anchoring logic programming in proof theory has assisted determine its connections and differences with useful programming, deductive data sources, and model monitoring. The capacity to identify and make analogies is commonly made use of as an action or examination of human intelligence. In this paper, we present a preliminary assessment of whether programs constructed by Dreamcoder can be made use of for analogical reasoning to address certain Bongard problems. We make use of Dreamcoder to find programs that generate the pictures in a Bongard problem and stand for each of these as a sequence of state changes.

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