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Posted: 20 Jan 2022 03:00

“Knowledge Graph” January 2022 — summary from Crossref and PubMed

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Centralized monitoring and integrated smart alarm functions have been applied on the control system of smart power grid, which offers technological support for the judgment and disposal of power grid accident. Utilizing this method, the personnel can properly and quickly judge the power grid crash with the assistance of grid topology and alarm relationship, so regarding improve the performance of power grid accident evaluation and integrity of power grid control system.

In this paper, via assessing the requirement of constructing a knowledge graph in spacecraft launch, we construct and make use of a knowledge graph in spacecraft launch, which works as not only an effective way of addressing the problem of thin knowledge and incomplete knowledge in a sea of data but additionally a basis for accomplishing Semantic Artificial Intelligence and intricate information analytics and applications.

On the basis of comprehending the basic technical design of the knowledge graph, this paper evaluates the building and construction approaches of the knowledge graph in spacecraft launch with regards to knowledge source, modeling, removal, reasoning, combination, and storage. The Internet, huge information, global culture, economic situation, life, politics, armed forces, and culture are deeply integrated and have established right into an era of overlapping the online world and real culture.

This paper advances the training plan of network safety skills, goes over the relationship between knowledge atlas and network space safety and security, offers the building and construction and distribution of network space complete knowledge atlas, and after that, constructs an educational huge information design for the online world safety and security based upon knowledge graph around the use of knowledge.

Raising evidence has confirmed that circRNA plays a considerable duty in the development of many conditions. Data mining has continued to be a topic of never-failing beauty for research.

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Forecast of drug-target interactions plays a crucial duty in medicine growth in different areas, such as digital screening, drug repurposing and recognition of possible medication negative effects.

In spite of substantial initiatives been bought perfect DTI forecast, existing methods still experience from the high sparsity of DTI datasets and the cold begin trouble.

DeepKG is an end-to-end deep learning-based workflow that assists researchers immediately my own important knowledge in biomedical literature. To enhance the efficiency of DeepKG, a cascaded hybrid info extraction framework is developed for training model of 3-tuple extraction, and a novel AutoML-based knowledge depiction algorithm is recommended for knowledge depiction and inference. Because it takes a whole lot of time and initiative to extract valuable CDR by hand, the automated extraction of the chemical-disease connection from the text becomes critical.

To make full benefit of syntactic dependency info in cross-sentence CDR removal, we construct document-level syntactic dependency graphs and encode them making use of a graph convolution network.

Prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a precious prize accumulated in the long-lasting development of TCM. In this paper, we introduce the properties of herbs as added complementary info by building a herb knowledge graph, and propose a graph convolution model with multi-layer details blended to acquire signs and symptom attribute depictions and herb function depictions with abundant details and much less noise. In the past, most of the entity prediction techniques based upon embedding lacked the training of regional core relationships, resulting in a deficiency in the end-to-end training. In brief, this new method can not only effectively draw out the neighborhood nodes and relationship features of the knowledge graph, yet satisfy the requirements of multilayer penetration and relationship derivation of a knowledge graph.

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