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Posted: 30 Jan 2022 04:00

“Document Summarization” January 2022 — summary from Springer Nature

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“Document Summarization” January 2022 — summary from Springer Nature main image

The content below is machine-generated by Brevi Technologies’ NLG model, and the source content was collected from open-source databases/integrate APIs.

Springer Nature - summary generated by Brevi Assistant

The abundance of textual details that is generated every day on the web, social networks, and various other repositories makes it difficult and essential to extract essential information from a large corpus. The present work suggests a semantic-based word similarity integrated with sentence similarity to summarize a corpus of text files.

In day-to-day life, multi-document summarization techniques are coming to be incredible attention in various fields, particularly for online files, because this online document conveys info to users by creating a thorough and concise recap. Throughout pre-processing, the tokenization is executed by the Natural Language Tool Kit tool and the lemmatization in WordNet lemmatizer. Most previous abstractive summarization models generate the summary in a left-to-right manner without making one of the most useful target-side global information. To overcome the problem of template choice predisposition, one promising direction is to get better target-side global information from several top notch layouts. The wide schedule of research articles makes it harder for researchers to quickly learn regarding the progress made in their particular field's. After that, the extracted-text is represented in vector-form thinking about sentence attributes like sentence size, citation-based sentence rating, sentences cited rating, and sentence weight based on TF-IDF rating.

Automatic text summarization is a vital subfield in the location of Natural language processing. This short article manages to automate the summarization of text files in Odia language through computational methods.

This can serve as an example of how to use Brevi Assistant and integrated APIs to analyze text content.

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