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Posted: 09 Nov 2021 05:00

“Deep Reinforcement Learning” October 2021 — summary from PubMed and Springer Nature

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“Deep Reinforcement Learning” October 2021 — summary from PubMed and Springer Nature main image

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Decentralization is a central characteristic of biological motor control that permits rapid responses depending on neighborhood sensory details. When utilizing DRL, this inspires us to ask whether decentralization as seen in organic control designs could additionally be valuable for embodied sensori-motor control systems. Computation offloading innovation expands cloud computers to the side of gaining access to network near users, bringing many benefits to terminal tools with limited battery and computational resources. We better develop the joint optimization issue as a Markov decision process and apply the soft actor-critic deep reinforcement learning algorithm to maximize the offloading policy.

The scale of Internet-connected systems has enhanced considerably, and these systems are being revealed to cyberattacks more than ever. By incorporating deep learning into conventional RL, DRL is extremely qualified for resolving complicated, dynamic, and particularly high-dimensional cyber defense issues. We introduce an ingenious option strategy to the tough dynamic load-shedding problem which directly impacts the stability of big power grid. To demonstrate the efficacy of our recommended strategy and its scalability to large, complicated vibrant issues, we use the China Southern Grid to get our examination results, which plainly reveal remarkable voltage recovery efficiency by employing the recommended DQN-LS under nuclear and varied power system mistake conditions.

Deep reinforcement learning is a machine learning technique based on incentives, which can be encompassed to resolve some complex and sensible decision-making issues. Autonomous driving requirements to take care of a selection of complex and adjustable traffic circumstances, so the application of DRL in autonomous driving provides a broad application prospect.

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The Combination of reinforcement learning with unmanned airborne vehicles to attain autonomous flight has been an active research location in recent years. The second is a guidance-based technique using a Domain Network which makes use of a Gaussian combination distribution to compare formerly seen states to an anticipated next state in order to select the following activity. In this paper, an adaptive PI controller based upon deep Q network is recommended, which enhances the rate control performance of the permanent magnet concurrent motor drive system and resolves the opposition between the rapidity and overshoot of the conventional PI controller. The damping variable of the rate loop collection PI controller is taken as the variable coefficient of the flexible PI controller and adjusted dynamically.

With traffic needs growing exponentially, a wonderful number of new network applications emerging, traffic load balancing and source utilization have ended up being the essential issues that seriously impact network performance of information center networks.

To make best use of the network throughput and lower the source consumption, this paper investigates the reliable transmitting organizing system by joint maximizing the network throughput and energy consumption.

In this chapter, the deep reinforcement learning based on secure control trouble of CPSs under actuator strikes is first investigated. The main contributions of this chapter can be summarized as follows: It is the very first time to establish a deep reinforcement learning protected control formula for CPSs under actuator attacks.

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