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Posted: 14 May 2021 16:00

Brevi Assistant: Your quick-start guide

Brevi Assistant
Brevi Assistant

Business performance assistant

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AI is everywhere. From the chatbots we use to communicate with brands to the tools we use to make our lives easier, artificial intelligence is here to stay. As one of the latest AI innovations, Brevi Assistant offers a practical and effective use for AI beyond the gimmicks. If you're keen to find out what we do or want a bit more insight into what Brevi is, our quick-start guide is the place to learn.

Read on for our quick and easy primer into what Brevi is, how it's useful, and the applications it has that may make your life easier:

What is Brevi Assistant?

In the simplest of terms, Brevi is a virtual data analysis tool that transforms your reports, documents, reviews, and feedback into a cohesive and functional source of information. You can leave wading through months' or years' worth of text data to Brevi and come back to find a neat, practical summary that's far more digestible than reams of text documents.

Brevi Assistant uses artificial intelligence to determine what data means. This allows Brevi to summarise that information effectively and accurately, reducing messy or legacy text data down into a bitesize format that's far more useful to our human eyes. Brevi may be new to the scene, launching in May 2021, but that doesn't mean this virtual assistant is still in its infancy. With extensive development and testing, Brevi Assistant is the business assistant you never knew you needed – and you'll never want to part with him again.

How does Brevi work?

Brevi works through the use of high-quality, tailored AI. Utilizing Natural Language Generation technology, Brevi effectively translates text documents into one unified summary that provides all the information you need. Whether you're using externally sourced data or internal reporting, Brevi's primary function is the take all text information, understand what it does, and piece it together into a final, helpful jigsaw. 

If you aren't a fan of busy work and document hunting, Brevi is more than happy to take on that responsibility. That's the benefit of AI technology – Brevi won't get bored, burnt out, or fatigued no matter how much data you throw its way. All you need to do is upload the files and documents you want to be analyzed, and Brevi does everything else behind the scenes without any need for additional input or guidance.

Why use Brevi?

What makes Brevi the ideal way to boost your productivity and get more out of complex text data and documentation? As a multi-functional and versatile tool, Brevi can make your life easier in a range of different ways. If you want to get deeper insights from text data you have available, here are some of the day-to-day functions that Brevi can take over:

Simple summarization

The average company produces a vast amount of data. With only so many eyes to look over the information assembled, it's easy for important figures or information to fall through the gaps. That's where Brevi comes in. With quick, automated summarization of data as it arrives, you can access the most important facts and figures then and there. Brevi can provide summaries to suit different purposes, from internal text information to external summaries to meet your business needs and goals.

Extract knowledge

Gathering analytics and squeezing the most of your data can be challenging, even with an experienced and dedicated analytics team. Brevi goes the groundwork, gathering information and presenting it in a practical way that can then be used to gain knowledge and improve understanding. Without spending time scouring existing data, analytics can be focused on achieving results and delivering fast, practical guidance to put your business on the right track.

Create content

Content creation relies on information gathering to be successful – especially when it comes to product marketing. Brevi makes analyzing multiple text data sources easy, from product descriptions to existing marketing materials. For any marketing team looking to create fresh, brand-friendly content, Brevi increases efficiency and provides fast, relevant information to inform future content marketing activities and plans.

Expert analysis

Data doesn't do anything from your business with analysis. Comparing and gathering relevant and informative data is what Brevi does best. Whether it's information on the latest trends or data on your competitor's marketing and content, Brevi can convert text information into actionable analysis. Internal analysis is just as valuable, with Brevi effectively translating customer reviews, internal feedback, and more to make that data as usable as possible.

Brevi vs. Business

You've got a basic idea of what Brevi can do – but how does that fall in line with the day-to-day functioning of a business? Brevi doesn't act in a vacuum. As an automated part of your analysis and summarization processes, it contributes and enhances existing processes to make your job easier. Here are just a few ways Brevi can be integrated into businesses of all shapes and sizes:

Daily reporting and automation

Many businesses spend hours a week sourcing text data, completing reporting, and checking through messy documents to find the correct information. Brevi automates the process by doing the checking for you. With the ability to upload up to 18 individual records, Brevi can work in the background to analyze information and produce day-to-day reporting without the need to do it all yourself.

Cross-project collaboration

Working with multiple teams across a project can be challenging enough without delays in text summaries and analysis. Brevi streamlines the process by reducing the time taken to analyze and access important information. As a result, no one is left in the dark, and projects aren't delayed by challenging data or messy files that require extensive extraction to be useable.

Stakeholder reporting and progress analysis

Regular, effective reporting to stakeholders and upper management is vital for commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. Brevi allows for accurate, speedy report creation. This means more frequent updates, easier-to-understand information, and better transparency when it comes to seeing the progress a project has made over time.

Marketing trends and figures

Brevi is a powerful tool for marketers. Alongside sales, marketing is one of the most data-heavy areas of business. From competitor analysis to customer service ratings, internal reporting to summaries of ongoing campaigns and projects. Brevi can quickly and effectively transform raw analytics data into a practical and functional summary, which can then gauge the success and trajectory of marketing activities.

How do you add Brevi into your business plans?

With Brevi offering so many benefits to the average business, you may wonder how to implement this unique AI into your business plans. With the launch impending in May of 2021, now's the ideal time to learn more about what the Brevi Assistant could do for you. With more businesses than ever focusing on digital innovations and productivity-boosting technologies, Brevi is a brand-new way to streamline an array of data-focused business activities.

As one of the most innovative and easy-to-use options on the market, Brevi Assistant is the ideal virtual addition to your team – no matter the size of your business.


The Brevi assistant is a novel way to summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents.


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