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Posted: 10 Mar 2022 01:00

Why research can benefit your resume

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Did you know that analytical skills are some of the top competencies that prospective employers are looking for?


Research capabilities are top considerations when it comes to showing future employers how you will be able to create concise documents and have good attention to detail – but there are so many further points that you can illustrate when including research in your resume!


In today’s blog, we will take a closer look at how including research items in your resume will benefit its presentation and make your application stand out from the competition.


Let’s take a look at the first point.


1. Research illustrates your skills in effective problem-solving

Problem-solving skills are a core part of research – especially when it comes to summarising information to come to a logical conclusion. When you showcase proven research items in your resume, you also reveal how you can tell apart facts from fiction to only use only relevant information in key findings.


2. Case studies show your aptitude to follow a logical path from problem statement to outcome

When you do research in especially case studies, you do not merely just collect facts – you truly navigate a path that shows how a certain challenge was approached and overcome. 


3. Using research in your resume can demonstrate key skills that might be questioned

Often, when a candidate applies for a job and mentions skills such as “problem-solving”, “analytical thinking” or “research” on their resumes, a potential employer might wonder whether a candidate truly has these mentioned positive traits or are simply just adding them into the document for good measure.


However, with research extracts, you can truly showcase smart and effective ways in which you have conducted research and created findings that have value and merit.


4. Many employers request test tasks from their top applicants – your research could make you stand out

Nowadays, many employers might be hesitant to simply hire a candidate on an interview alone. Test tasks are often requested – and if the specific field of expertise that you are interested in is directly related to research skills or activities, you will already have showcased how you can be an asset to a company.


5. Research can help you to showcase your skills in using technology to your advantage

Using research apps, such as Brevi, can underpin your smart approach to collecting facts and saving time, while also being thorough throughout any specific task. So, don’t be shy to mention when you include a research piece in your resume how you made good use of tech!


The bottom line? Show your leadership through your research skills!

When you are not afraid to show how you can take the lead with a research project or with a case study for work-specific matters, you can create an impressive resume that is future-forward and innovative.


So, underpin your research skills and make the most of the opportunity to share your skills with potential future employers!


Did you enjoy reading our blog? Be sure to watch this space, as we will be sharing more information on this platform!


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