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Posted: 15 Apr 2022 01:00

What makes a good researcher?

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Are you passionate about research? When it comes to mapping out a career in research, there are some key traits that truly frame the qualities to be a good researcher.

In today’s blog, we are taking a closer look at these personality elements, and how you can practice these habits to enhance your approach to high-quality research.

Let’s begin.


1. A good researcher doesn’t rely on their common sense alone

A good researcher recognises that research should never be biased or that common sense should be the only truth to be accommodated in their research. He or she will make every effort to consult various sources, drawing key elements from each piece to drive their research to deliver findings that are fact-based and not just assumed.


2. He or she is methodical and uses a clear research strategy from the start

To truly be great, a good researcher carefully plans a research methodology that they are confident will work for their chosen research field. They furthermore have insight on what processes to follow to save time during their studies and optimally use the timeframe they have to achieve their desired research results.


3. A good researcher clearly defines research themes

Together with a clear strategy, a good researcher discerns that, from the start, the “why” of a research project needs to be defined, along with the questions that need to be answered. This will ensure that they will not undertake a project that they might not be familiar or comfortable with, and that they will have an achievable scope to get the right information to create clearly defined research outcomes.


4. Technology forms a key element of their research

With so many technologies and apps available, a good researcher knows that they can draw on top online tools to not only make the research process easier, but also allow them to bring a modern element to traditional research methods. They are very much aware that when they integrate different elements in their research, they will be drawing on all resources available to them, which will optimally enhance their research findings perfectly.


5. They remain focused and persevere through any challenge in their research

Research doesn’t come without its challenges. Whether it is needing to revisit certain elements in a research paper or even starting from scratch once more, a lot can happen. However, a good researcher recognises that maintaining focus and persevering to get to the answers needed for a research project can deliver amazing returns. He or she can pinpoint which distractions to avoid and what needs to be done to drive a project forward when it feels like there are any potential problems on the way.


The bottom line? This is truly what research is about: grit and termination!

A good researcher will always see opportunities where others may not, and when you adopt this mindset of curiosity and innovation as well as that drive for success, nothing will stop you from becoming the best in your field.


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