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Posted: 19 Feb 2022 00:00

5 Research tips and tricks that students can use every day

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Did you know that in 2014, a student’s research on heart health provided astonishing results? Or that the National Institute Of Health (NIH) made revolutionary discoveries pertaining to Alzheimer’s, cancer and blood pressure in 2018?


When it comes to research – whether the scope is small or large, such as in the case of the NIH’s research that revealed that proteins in the appendix could be linked to Parkinson’s disease – having the right approach can help you reveal astonishing facts.


This truly makes a career in research so rewarding for students who are eager to never stop learning. Considering that there is such a wide variety of career paths that rely on research, such as business research, social science and computer research scientists, the options truly are endless for learners with a keen eye for details and facts.


So, if you are already up for improving your research skills to be top of your game when you step into your first job, we’ve got 5 perfect tips and tricks that you can use for your research, starting from today.


Let’s take a closer look.


Tip 1: Only consider quality sources for your research

Reputable sources are the key to ensuring that any research topic or paper has legs to stand on. Do not consult sources that aren’t verified. Also, where possible, cross-check facts to ensure that you do not use any information that hasn’t been verified but at least a couple of sources.


Tip 2: Bear in mind that you aren’t limited to just one stream of information

As a student, one example of information that is always at your fingertips is your library resources. Also, look into the information available from your faculty, and consider looking into off-line resources too.


Tip 3: Summarise information to streamline your findings

When you compile relevant abstracts with key information points, it will be easier to do concise research and save time as well during your information-sourcing process. Simply compiling reams and reams of content could cause key points to get lost or make a report become completely diluted. Therefore, pulling out key facts and putting them together in a document with a logical narrative and flow of information is what you need to strive for.


Tip 4: Use advanced research platforms to your advantage

Research apps, such as Brevi, that have been designed specifically for research purposes can not only help you go through multiple sources, but also assist you to make the most of AI to practice natural language processing. This is an innovative, practical way to unearth facts and cut through the clutter.


Tip 5: Ensure that you source online information based on the right keywords

Being mindful of your search phrases can help you get to information sources faster and help you navigate to the exact statistics that you need. Therefore, draw up a list of top keywords and make them the first point of your online search.


Never stop improving your skills! 

Always keep an eye on innovative apps and platforms that can boost your research – and check out Brevi for your next project!


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