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Posted: 05 Mar 2022 05:00

4 Ways how research can make your college application stand out

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Did you enjoy our previous blog on how research can benefit your resume when you are submitting job applications?


Today, we are taking a look at how students applying to college can benefit from including research projects in their college submissions.


It is no secret that college applications can be tough on students, especially when it comes to applying to some of the top schools in the areas that you are interested in. In fact, according to the Common App, college submissions increased by 22% in 2021!


Now, considering this immense growth in applications, it is important that your college application has that competitive edge that will make it stand out from the rest. This is where research comes in: it adds an extra layer to an application to make it interesting and unique.


Let’s take a further look at more points to consider on how research can play an important role in your college applications.


1. Research shows that you have initiative and originality

Over and above showcasing test scores and testimonials, research papers can enhance any college application even further. A research project can perfectly demonstrate how you have initiative and can work independently – a characteristic that is incredibly important once you start your college studies.


Therefore, don’t hesitate to demonstrate how you have done research before – it can add extra appeal to your application and show that you have put in additional effort.


2. When you include research in your application, you underpin your critical thinking skills 

If your college application is specifically for a course that will require analytical thoughts, your research project will show how you can unpack complex problems and come to logical conclusions, drawing from multiple sources to support your findings.


3. If you do not have much “work” experience, research can perfectly supplement your educational background

Having experience in the field of study that you are applying for can truly work in your favour; however, if you do not have this involvement to show, you can still demonstrate your interest by including research on a topic related to your planned studies. Do remember to have a clear subject in place and take the time to source adequate, trusted information pieces that you can summarise easily.


4. You can even use research as a base for your college essay

With your college essay, you need to ensure that you do not simply include the same facts that everyone else are including. Stand out by demonstrating important knowledge that you discovered through your research and how you are confident that the course that you are applying for perfectly aligns with your interests and capabilities.


The bottom line? Include research!

Depending on the colleges you apply to, you might be facing stiff competition from other applications. So, use research to your advantage and include it to enhance your profile to impress college application officers!


Did you enjoy reading our blog? Be sure to watch this space, as we will be sharing more information on this platform!


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