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Posted: 21 Mar 2022 01:00

3 Top research-based careers to consider

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Did you know that in 2021, environmental scientists and specialists earned approximately $73 230? Or that biochemists and biophysicists in the same year took home salaries of about $94 270?

When it comes to research-based careers, or those with a strong focus on research, there truly are several opportunities to consider for those contemplating careers where discovery is always top of mind. Even in the digital space, opportunities in categories such as user experience (UX) are also in hot demand.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at 3 of the best research careers to consider – and what the benefits are for those who choose to pursue these areas.

First up, let’s take a look at a career choice that is a must for trend-watchers.

Market research analyst

If you have always had a passion for analysing market conditions, following a career in market research will allow you to work closely together with businesses to help them align their strategies to be targeted to their ideal target markets. This type of career also has an interactive element whereby in-person surveys and interviews can add an extra layer of gathering information, making every task truly a 360 experience.

This exciting career journey can be enhanced by using innovative tech to summarise and collate information, leading to high-value outcomes that clients will appreciate and return to.

Academic researcher

Academic research careers are wonderful considerations for those with a passion for lifelong learning. Eager analytical minds will easily fit into research programs at universities and colleges, and will without a doubt thrive in an environment where they will not only conduct their own studies, but also assist students

Academic research might often come with an overflow of information; however, using high-quality digital tools that can easily assist with collecting information will make the process easier and add so much enjoyment to this career choice.


Computer and information research scientists

For more tech-savvy minds, this area of expertise offers the opportunity to do research on computer and information science, while also discovering solutions for computer hardware and software programs.


The bottom line? Research is a thriving career path!

So many areas of interest allow for opportunities to pursue a research-orientated role. Therefore, do not see research as strictly reserved for only laboratory work or scientists: it is truly a field of expertise that you can apply to various niches and business segments.

If you love being on a constant path of discovery, why not consider research for your next career move – you will definitely not regret it!

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