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The Brevi assistant is a novel way to summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents into one compact abstractive form. It's like having a personal assistant to help you with tedious tasks and paperwork.

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Brevi Features

Analyze text contents/data

⦿ Explore/Summarize/Analyze Research papers' abstracts in a minute.
⦿ Real-time Search/Summarize Scientific & Healthcare Publications to further analysis.
⦿ Automate the collection & summarization task by using Research Papers' Automation feature.
⦿ Upload/Summarize your documents to simplify the process of structuring text data for further analysis.

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Problem & Solution

What is Brevi Assistant?

Myriad of Research Publications

Myriad of Research Publications

Textual data is growing at an alarming pace, making it almost impossible for researchers, scientists, and analysts to find, structure, process, and analyze. Therefore, they spend a lot of time exploring/monitoring the latest scientific publications.

Potential of our Solution

Potential of our Solution

Researchers/Scientists keep track of 20+ "Search Queries" from various sources finding/monitoring the latest publications. Brevi has features like "Research Papers Automation" "Real-Time Summarization" to help cope with this problem, so you can save up to 90% of your time searching for suitable research papers.



The Brevi assistant is a novel way to abstractly summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents to create a meaningful, accurate, and relevant summary of a given subject. Our technology uses the same method and approach is ultimately used by humans to synthesize and summarize documents.

Three steps

How it works

1. Explore and save data through integrated APIs or Upload text documents to your cloud library.
2. Choose up to 7 files that you want to summarize.
3. Wait up to 1 minute to get a result.
4. Automate exploring and summarization to analyze topics of interest.

⦿ All users get dedicated Azure Cloud storage.
⦿ Based on our tests, you can get the best results (output) when using up to 7 documents as inputs.
⦿ Do not include documents with images, charts, tables, and choose documents related to a given subject.
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Why Brevi Assistant?

Automated and save time

Automated and save time

Brevi assistant is an intelligent assistant that enables you and your Research team to quickly analyze dozens of Scientific publications to get insights in an abstract form. You and your Research team can concentrate on analyzing data effectively and provide meaningful results to the business.

Summarization Method

Summarization Method

Abstractive Multi-Document Summarization technique is a machine employing humans' approach to summarize text data. Our NLG machine reads/understands/writes autonomously to produce results in plain English language to analyze content.

Build internal knowledge

Build internal knowledge

When it comes to working with text data, business professionals rarely see all of them. They work with different text data scattered around the organization to piece them together and assemble knowledge. Brevi Assistant simplifies the process of building internal knowledge and empowers the analytics team with a powerful tool.

Brevi Scribe

Automatic Clinical Dialogue Summaries

Brevi Intelligent Machine that reads and analyzes Physician-Patient Dialogues and scribes "Clinical Narrative Notes" in abstract form. Learn more.


We have integrated 50+ Open-Source information Databases from various fields

Users can get, save, download unlimited original content even with a free trial through a dashboard for free and only pay when they use the multi-document summarization tool.


The Brevi assistant is a novel way to summarize, assemble, and consolidate multiple text documents/contents.


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